Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is COIRO?

•COIRO is a team of highly skilled Leather Care & Maintenance experts based out of Gurgaon and provide service in National Capital Region.

2. What kind of Leather Articles can be given for cleaning and maintenance service?

The customer is free to give any kind and any brand of Leather Article to us as, COIRO is well equipped with the most advanced technology to take care of each and every kind Leather Article made in the world.

3. What are the charges?

We have divided Leather Article into different categories based on Time and Job work required and we charge accordingly. We request our customers to get in touch with us (either on phone or mail) for better assistance for the charges for the services.

4. How can I place the order?

You can place an order through any of the following convenient options: a) Visit our website and place your pickup details for the article b) Give us a call and get a pickup scheduled.

5. When do I need to pay?

Total payment needs to be paid while handing over the article in the beginning and a receipt will be provided in return to the customer right away confirming the same and the expected delivery date.

6. When can I expect my articles back?

Our minimum turn-around-time is 4 (FOUR) working days to a maximum of 7 (SEVEN) working days owing to the nature and complexity involved for the Leather Care and Maintenance service. The same shall be conveyed to you upfront at the time of taking the articles.

Leather Care and Maintenance service for Sofa Set and Car Interior Detailing shall range up to three to four hours.

7. How often should I be doing Leather Care and Maintenance service?

Leather Care and Maintenance is an ongoing process like any other maintenance services which makes your Leather article almost new or better than the previous condition. Also, by doing so, you add up new life to your Leather article and it will last long.

We recommend getting your Leather article refurbished once every 2 months for normal usage and weather condition. Based on your requirement and immediate attention, it could be done earlier as well.